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The story behind Poalim tech Brand identity and UI UX, Poalim Tech is the technology division behind the largest bank in Israel, Poalim Bank. with more than 1000 employees running this gigantic fintech company to be at the frontline of the digital transformation and the fintech and open banking revolution.

Team Stefansky got a brand identity design mission, to create the brand identity and UI UX for the whole company with her subdivisions, creating differentiation to the subdivision but still maintaining a recognizable as part of the whole company. combine innovation, finance, banking, and fintech for the next generation of programmers. and creating a purpose-driven identity compared to other tech companies to get more engagement from the developers that are heading to the division.


How to create a new modern tech-savvy Gen-z Brand identity and UI UX for the largest bank in Israel? as a part of a branding employee campaign?


Programmers are the most wanted talents in the industry, to create differentiation we needed to tell a new narrative in our brand identity. talk on the purpose, not on the SWAG. 50 percent of your life you will spend at work, do something meaningful, stop FOMO start Poalim.


The first process of the Brand identity and the UI UX was research, After conducting research via programmers, we discovered that they looking to do something meaningful in their job, and that money is not a key factor, We create a motivational Brand identity, UI UX, with a purpose-driven to empower the motivation around the brand culture. from a digital brand book, UI UX, and printed internal advertising.

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